16 in ‘16: A Year of Social Media Part 1

11 months ago
Jo Sheridan by Jo Sheridan

16 things that happened on social media in 2016

One of my favourite parts of working in a social media role is that it never stops changing. There’s always a new update, a new platform, a new user experience, a new tool to learn. As the leading, and emerging, platforms vie for consumer attention, they’re always looking for ways to be better, or at least be better than their closest rival.

There haven’t been too many good things to come out of 2016 if general consensus is to be believed, but 12 months of social media has seen some pretty impressive changes. So, rewinding back to January, here are the first eight things that happened in ’16: [Click here for Part 2!]

  1. Instagram created Stories, or, Instagram was ‘influenced’ by Snapchat when it created its new Stories feature, which conveniently has most of the same features as Snapchat. If it ain’t broke…
  1. For us content creators, Twitter gave us a lifeline in making 140 characters go further. Any media, including pictures, videos and GIFs no longer count towards the count – a small change for them that is nothing short of life-changing for us.
  1. Talking of GIFs, back in March, GIF search became integrated in to Twitter for 100% of users, making it easier than ever before to up your picture game.
  1. Back in May, Instagram’s rebrand was the talk of the town. With a simpler camera, and a rainbow gradient, there’s no doubting the new look is definitely more modern – shame then that the initial response was mainly negative.
  1. It was a busy year for Instagram, as the platform announced its new ‘Business Profiles’ in June. Offering us in-built analytics including reach and impressions for the first time, as well as offering customers new ways to engage, Instagram activity is now a lot more measurable.
  1. If the polls were to be believed this year, we’d still be in the EU and Hillary would be President of the US. But one thing did predict the correct outcomes, and that’s social media. For both the EU referendum and the US presidential elections, social media sentiment and analysis were much more on the money than ‘official’ polls.
  1. For when a picture simply isn’t enough, you can now take a look around thanks to Facebook 360. Even without the fancy kit needed to film a fully 360 project, you can still get a slice of the action by uploading a panoramic photo direct from your phone!
  1. Goodbye to logging in and out of Instagram for every single client, and hello to multiple accounts in one.

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