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The Power of Social Media

2 years ago
by guest

How many viral posts have landed in your social media feed today? Chances are a few, and chances are you’ve seen the below posts pleading for travellers in, or going to Thailand to give blood to a young girl who was hit by a car six days in to her gap year. Lucy Hill, who needed blood transfusions of her negative blood type, has had tourists queuing outside hospitals across Chiang Mai wanting to help her, following Facebook posts from friends which went viral overnight.


Facebook has a global audience, and with a story of this nature, so many people can relate to it and may have been affected by it. Reading the post that went viral earlier this week may have pulled on your heartstrings for various reasons. When I read the post, I instantly thought of my sister who is keen to travel and I felt I had to share it to try and help in some way – maybe someone on my Facebook saw it who knows someone in Chiang Mai?

These posts between them have now been shared over 260,000 times meaning it has probably been seen by more than some regional newspaper circulations. The Facebook appeal was even picked up by national media including The Independent, The Guardian and The Daily Mail, truly demonstrating the power of social media and the good that can come from it.

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The world we live in means that news can spread instantly, whether it be good or bad (check out this LinkedIn post which went viral, for all the wrong reasons). Social media has proven it’s here to stay, and we can only expect it to get bigger and even more powerful with the advances in technology that we see every day. If the power of social media continues to save lives, like it did in this case, I think the world will welcome it.