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1 year ago
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We’re always looking for ways to improve our systems and services, with the ultimate goal of providing better results for our clients.

As most of you will know, a key part of our offering as an agency is social media – constantly developing effective social media strategies that are individually tailored to suit specific clients, with the aim of increasing brand awareness among their target audiences.

Creating compelling social media schedules and taking great-looking photos is only half of the job – the second half is about how effectively you execute the delivery of your content, and how accurately and efficiently you can collect results and data to prove to clients that your services are worth investing in.

As with most other professions, keeping on top of industry updates and trends is part and parcel of the job. However, it could be argued that this statement is most true for social media – an industry where the goalposts are constantly being moved, and battling platforms are forever inventing new ways to set themselves apart from the competition.


Improved insights

That’s why when Instagram recently announced the launch of their ‘Business Profiles’ it was an almost instantaneous reaction to switch all of our client’s Instagram accounts over to the new format. The new Business Profiles allow you to easily access data relating to the performance of your posts, helping to unearth trends within your content, and discover which posts are performing well and which are not. We are now able to dissect a month’s worth of Instagram content, and really analyse posts down to the very last hashtag – helping us improve client schedules and strategies going forward.

Customers can now easily access valuable information when visiting our client’s profiles, including getting contact numbers and addresses, which ultimately help to increase footfall and drive sales – perfect for our clients in the leisure sector!


Providing clearer results

As an agency it’s about providing the best results possible in a way that our clients can look at them and understand exactly where the value is. Compiling quarterly social media analytics reports was once a labour intensive process of counting how many photo ‘likes’ a profile had generated in any given month. Now with Business Profiles it is an in-depth analysis of the content we are producing, figuring out what works for our clients, and calculating the most effective approach going forward. Business Profiles have allowed agencies to prove amazing results, and helped clients understand those results better.


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